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We love Halloween at Kitsap Kids’ Dentistry! It reminds us that fall is in full swing and it kicks off the holiday season. One of our favorite things about Halloween is hearing about your child’s amazing, creative costume. But we also know that Halloween means an influx of candy at your house and some difficult decisions about what to do with all that loot. There are some simple techniques you can use to help manage the Halloween candy madness.


1.)   Make a plan. Ideally, candy should be consumed along with a meal. You know your child best and with their specific preferences in mind you can develop and system to prevent grazing on candy throughout the day.

2.)   Drink water.  Water pairs well with and after candy. It helps to improve oral clearance time and, if fluoridated, also strengthens.

3.)   Use fluoride rinse, fluoride toothpaste, and brush. Fluoride rinse and toothpaste help to remineralize weakened enamel and brushing helps to clear the mouth of all the sticky foods and plaque that have accumulated.

4.)   Trade in the worst offenders at KKD. Some sweets are harder on teeth than others. Help your child select the candies that are best for their teeth with the Candy Sorter Grid below.

5.)   Have fun!

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