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About Us

Jessie Banks, DDS

"The Big Kahuna"

Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, Silverdale and Poulsbo, WA - Dr. Jessie Banks

Dr. Jessie Banks completed her pediatric dental residency and internship at Texas A&M University – Baylor College of Dentistry and received her D.D.S from the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Banks has extensive experience in working with children who require special needs through her residency training at Baylor’s Dental Clinics, Children’s Medical Center and at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Dr. Banks has also completed her Board Certification in Pediatric Dentistry and is now a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. She was the recipient of the Richard C. Pugh Achievement Award for scoring in the top 3% of the nation for the written board exam.

The education required to practice pediatric dentistry includes specialized training of two or more years beyond dental school. Pediatric dentists such as Dr. Banks often work with pediatricians, physicians and other dental specialists in order to best provide the total health care necessary for the development of a child.

Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, Silverdale and Poulsbo, WA - ' family photo

It is Dr. Banks’ true joy to work with and inform patients and parents on dental issues pertaining to oral health. Her goal is to increase awareness and provide education in anticipatory guidance of pediatric dental care in areas such as oral development, fluoride adequacy, oral hygiene and health, oral habits, nutrition, diet, and injury prevention. By doing so, she hopes to establish positive partner relationships with her patients, parents and community.

Dr. Banks has a strong commitment to education and community service. She is an active member in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, and the Kitsap County Dental Society. She is also a member of a local pediatric study group, where she and other pediatric specialists meet to discuss topics in pediatric dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Banks is a member the American Academy of Clear Aligners, and is a member of the Galler ReIngage Invisalign Provider Group.

Dr. Banks enjoys spending her free time with her husband and her two sons. Her hobbies include reading, walking, paddle-boarding, and hanging out with her boys!

Megan Miller, D.D.S.

"The Wisdom Tooth"

Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, Silverdale and Poulsbo, WA - Dr. Megan Miller was in second grade when she realized she loved teeth and decided to become a dentist. Dr. Miller earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. While completing her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M, Dr. Miller worked as a pediatric dental assistant. There she discovered how rewarding it is to work with children every day and make going to the dentist fun. Dr. Miller has also completed her Board Certification in Pediatric Dentistry and is now a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Since 2008, Dr. Miller has traveled each spring with Tejas Missions to Central America to serve the dental needs of the people of southern Belize. While she lived in Texas, Dr. Miller volunteered each year with the Texas Smile Foundation at Texas Missions of Mercy events that provided dental services to qualifying patients. Dr. Miller believes "to whom much is given, much is expected," and she is grateful to be a member of a profession that enables her to care for others.

In her free time, Dr. Miller enjoys reading non-fiction, hiking, cycling and traveling with her husband. She is a member of both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

Fun Fact: Dr. Miller loves all things Disney and is a regular at the happiest places on earth: Disney World and Disneyland!

Our Staff


"The Sweet Tooth"

Haley - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA

When you meet our dental assistant Haley, you may think her life is full of lollipops, rainbows, and bubblegum and, while she does indulge sometimes, she is really the sweet tooth in our office because of her amazing, kind personality. In addition to being full of sweet words and actions, Haley loves to make sure she imparts the importance of oral hygiene to our patients. She wants to help them keep those silly sugar bugs away! In her spare time, Haley loves to snuggle with her pet rats, shop for purses and shoes, and root for her favorite team. Go Bulldogs!


"Marketing Mermaid"

Paige - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Paige is our amazing Dental Assistant and our Marketing Administrator. Because she has red hair and enjoys daydreaming, you might confuse Miss Paige for the Little Mermaid. Paige loves to teach patients the importance of oral hygiene, making patients and families feel comfortable at the dentist and involve our office in local community activities and outreach programs. You might even catch a glimpse of her swimming through town at events! She also schedules all of our office's Twinkle the Tooth Fairy visits and makes it her mission to ensure the community "is part of our world" and knows about our wonderful office. She was born on the coast of Southern California but flapped her mermaid tail into the Pacific Northwest and loves living here. When not at work, Paige enjoys watching reality television, DIY projects, and playing with her son Carter.


"Miss Fix It"

Allison - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA When something needs to be fixed in our office, who do we call? Miss Fix It! Allison is our Safety Officer and a dental assistant, and she makes sure our office is in tip top shape. She solves almost all mechanical and maintenance issues in our office with a flourish of duct tape, the pounding of a hammer, or the twist of a screw. No problem is too big or too small for Miss Fix It! When she is not here keeping our office up to date, Allison loves being outside with her family, digging in her garden, and taking long naps in her hammock.


"The Prize Princess"

Judy - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Judy, one of our wonderful dental assistants, lives in a far away castle isolated by water, has a pet dragon that protects her prizes from evil monsters, and has a magic laugh that will brighten your whole day. Judy picks the best prizes possible for all of our amazing patients. From bracelets, to dinosaurs, magic rings to bouncy balls, Judy makes sure her treasure is ready for your magic coin at each appointment. She loves to see children smile with happiness when they do a good job, and being the prize princess is the best part of her day. When Judy is not in her castle staring at clouds or feeding her dragon, she loves playing with her friends, spending time with her family and two beautiful little boys, and laughing at silly jokes.



Laura - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA How do you put an obsessive organizer and lover of all things labeled to good use? Make her an office manager. While she never realized that her devotion to alphabetization, yellow Post Its, and Clorox Disinfectant Wipes (the ocean fresh scent) would lead her to a career in dentistry, Laura loves working with a menagerie of team members and helping them accomplish their professional goals while putting our amazing patients first. When Laura is not at work, she loves to lay on her yoga mat in child's pose and reward her hard work with extra hot fudge on her Bluberry Fro Yo. She also loves spending time with her amazing (and very laid back) husband, Ryan, and their beautiful puppies, Sam the Dog, and Mr. Wilson.


"Everyday Expert"

Crystal - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Crystal graduated from dental assisting school, but found her passion in dental office administration. Now she is our amazing Treatment Coordinator! While she isn't a "know it all," she does know it all! With her background in dental assisting and now as a Treatment Coordinator, Crystal is able to help parents navigate both clinically and financially through their child's appointments. She was born and raised in Bremerton and, while she loves this area, she refuses to wear socks with sandals. When not at work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her husband, Alex, and watching re-runs of "Friends."


"Bubble Blower"

Jenny - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Growing up, Jenny was always the biggest bubble blower on the block. She never thought she could turn it into a career, but now she blows bubbles like a popstar! Some might even say she is a triple threat. Jenny was raised locally in Port Orchard, and after her completion of the accredited Dental Hygiene Program at Clark College, she is happy to be back home with her family and childhood friends. While studying hygiene, Jenny was able to help provide free dental treatment to hundreds of children in the local community and educate expecting mothers on the various dental resources available. We feel incredibly lucky to have her with us as our dental hygienist. When she isn’t making children smile or blowing bubbles, Jenny enjoys aerial, biking, swimming, sleeping, hanging out with her nieces, and traveling.


"The Pink Plumeria"

Olivia - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Just like the pink plumeria, Olivia is sweet and girly and one of our fantastic dental assistants. Plus, she loves everything pink! She loves interacting with the kiddos at our office, and sharing healthy brushing habits with them. When not at work, Olivia loves shopping, going to the movies, and playing tennis. She also loves staying pretty, just like the plumeria!


"The Hawaiian Princess"

Kristina - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Kristina is one of our amazing dental assistants who loves spreading her Aloha spirit and cheer to all kiddos and families! She was raised in Hawaii and working in this office makes her feel right at home. Kristina moved to Washington two years ago and found a passion for helping bring healthy and beautiful smiles to all! She loves teaching kiddos healthy brushing and flossing techniques to practice at home and can't wait to see how hard they have worked at their next visit. When she's not in the office cleaning teeth, Kristina enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and being outdoors and exploring Washington!


"The Go To Gal"

Kelsey - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Miss Kelsey is one of our most amazing dental assistants! If you are ever in need of a smile or a word of encouragement, she is your go-to gal! Kelsey is our office cheerleader, and she is always reassuring our patients, their families and her co-workers that they are doing great at achieving their goals. Kelsey loves getting to build relationships with our patients and their families, and she loves teaching great oral hygiene habits. Kelsey was born and raised in Poulsbo, WA and after graduating from Washington State University, she made her way back home and found her love for the dental field. In her spare time, she enjoys adventuring and watching movies with her husband and their dog Jax, as well as going on long refreshing runs and unwinding at the gym.


"Financial Froggy"

Alyssa - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Alyssa, our Financial Coordinator, jumps from lily pad to lily pad with giant binders in tow. She helps take care of all your financial needs, from communication with insurances, to checking you out at the end of your appointment. This little frog hails from Southern Arizona and is loving this cooler weather! When not at work Alyssa spends all of her free time outdoors with her horse, Starbaby, her husband, Matt, and their two dogs, Monty and Emma. Alyssa loves to spend her time exploring and finds it quite 'ribetting.'


"Sugar Bug Sleuth"

Jessica - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Miss Jessica, one of our amazing hygienists, loves solving problems and being a detective! She finds her passion in spying on kiddo's teeth, and helping the solve cavity crimes as our Sugar Bug Sleuth. Miss Jessica is always brainstorming different ways to help kids stay one step ahead of tooth dirt and silly sugar bugs. Whether by teaching fun ways to brush, creative ways to remember our daily flossing or even introducing healthy eating habits, Miss Jessica believes we can always find a way to snag the sugar bugs and beat down the dirt. When we work together as a team, any crime is stoppable, and nothing is impossible! Miss Jessica was a dental assistant for seven years before she graduated from dental hygiene school at Seattle Central College. Not capturing cavities and cracking difficult hygiene cases, Miss Jessica loves spending time with friends and family, including her wonderful son, Liam! She loves to laugh during game night, enjoys sports seasons, and spending her summers at the lake.


"The Joker"

Asia - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Ready for a laugh? This girl has a joke for you. Along with providing a treatment for your kiddos teeth, Asia, one of our fantastic treatment coordinators, delivers a punchline that will crack you up. Even though she's not blowing bubbles or throwing a party in your mouth, Asia finds a way to make your smile grand. Asia is from Augusta, Ga, home of the Masters Golf, 70 degree winters, and sweet tea. When shes not at KKD she enjoy watching college football (Roll Tide), spending time with family, and running with her dog Cooper.


"Hawaiian Boomerang"

Tiffany - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Miss Tiffany left Kistap Kid’s Dentistry for a year to be with her family in Georgia, but missed being home and with the team so much that she came right back to dental paradise! She is one of our amazing, fun, and energetic dental assistants, and we couldn’t be more happy she is working with our team. Tiffany loves chatting with her patients about the importance of brushing and flossing and helping them to keep their teeth sparkling everyday! In her spare time, Tiffany loves being with her husband Jerry and two beautiful daughters Aaliyah and Stella. Together, they love to go camping, play games, and hang out in the sun!


"Burst of Sunshine"

Skyler - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Skyler is one of our wonderful dental assistants, and she was born and raised right here on the Peninsula! Her personality and enthusiasm for the dental industry and for patient care is a burst of sunshine that brightens like the dawn. We know we can feel the warmth of her smile as it reflects radiant beams of brightness through the Kitsap Kids Dentistry office. As a mother of a daughter, Skyler strives to demonstrate daily dental care through her peppy personality. She encourages kids to keep sugar bugs at bay through interactive play and can’t wait to welcome your child to our office.


"Island Breeze"

Britt - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Britt enjoyed growing up in an island in the Puget sound. She loved the breeze of childhood freedom as she rode her dirt bike, played at the park or splashed at the beach with her friends and family. Britt loves interacting with children, and happily heads to Kitsap kids each day, excited to assist our patients, play with new friends, and pass on the important knowledge of oral hygiene to create happy and healthy smiles. So far on Britt’s journey at Kitsap Kids, she is having a whale of a good time and is ready to make a huge splash for smiles with her easy going and “breezy” personality.


"The Singer"

Leena - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Have you ever met anyone who was super passionate about cleaning and treating teeth? You may have come across a few, but probably not as passionate as Miss Leena! Miss Leena was born and raised in the beautiful, tropical island of Guam before she moved to the evergreen state when she was eight years old. You'll probably catch her singing along to all the island music you'll hear even before stepping foot into our office, not to mention the songs in all of the movies we have for kiddos to watch! Miss Leena knows every song! She truly loves interacting with kiddos and going over the importance of oral hygiene (and "loves" is an understatement")! When Leena isn't busy enjoying making those pearly whites sparkle, she loves snowboarding, traveling, and adventuring with her family, including her husband Ruben and two beautiful daughters Annalyse and Nydene!


"Creative Coral"

Jess - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Corals are fundamental to marine life, building beautiful reef habitats for many kinds of sea life. Like coral, Jess strives to support the Kitsap Kids team in creative and fun ways, and she is always ready to adapt to her surroundings. Jess has lived all over the Puget Sound, continuing her education after graduating from Cornish College of Arts by swimming from Tacoma to Everett, then to Seattle and she has now has joined us at Kitsap Kids Dentistry. Friendly and soft spoken Jess is here to make appointment scheduling a breeze. When she is not at the practice she enjoys creating art, studying, and spending time with her family combing our local beaches.


"The Sand Dollar"

Chrissy - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Want to know what fish use for money? It’s sand dollars! Chrissy, one of our Financial Coordinators, is always on the hunt for seashells. When she isn’t kelp-ing parents and patients, you can find her on a sandy beach scouring for sand dollars and other beach treasures. Chrissy’s three daughters Brooke, Harley, and Lily Bug, are always up for the sand-venture and tag along, with husband Richie in tow. This Pacific Northwest native is always up for a good laugh and a little sunshine!


"Aloha Magic"

Jennifer - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Jennifer is one of our amazing Scheduling Coordinators! She loves the happiest place on earth, and lucky for her that place is Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry! (But she also loves Disney Land.) Jennifer loves welcoming families to our office and making them feel part of our family. She definatly has the magic touch when it comes to making our patients and their families feel right at home. With her contagious smile and her kind heart you may mistake her for Minnie Mouse (her favorite)! Jennifer enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters and her husband!


"The Giggling Dolphin"

Brandie - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Brandie is our wonderful dental assistant who loves to make you smile and show off those beautiful pearly whites! She knows the importance of a good laugh as well as a good smile. Brandie is the perfect person to get tips and tricks from on how to have the best oral care routine through fun team work with mom and dad. Brandie loves to giggle and play, just like a Dolphin, but when she stays home with her family loves to watch a good Disney movie!


"The Jumping Jellyfish"

Abbey - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Abby is one of our amazing dental hygienists. You may remember her from a long time ago as one of our dental assistants, but after moving away for some time, she came back and is here to stay! Abby loves jumping like a jellyfish from room to room every day searching for tricky tooth dirt and blowing glitter bubbles. When she finds any tooth dirt, she enjoys making it disappear! Miss Abby is originally from Kansas City, MO, but loves WA state so much she decided to make this her forever home. She loves volunteering and most recently volunteered at the Special Olympics in Seattle, giving dental cleanings to all of the athletes. In her spare time, Miss Abby enjoys crafting and DIY, hiking, working out and spending time with her family. She especially loves snuggles from her little boy, Paxton.


"The Clownfish"

Hillary - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Hillary is one of our friendly Dental Assistants at KKD. She is always smiling and likes to make all of our patients smile with her! If you are having a bad day she will turn your frown upside down! Hillary loves to make teeth sparkle and shine. She is from Bremerton, WA and loves living here. When Hillary isn't helping us all with sparkling smiles she is hiking, reading, or spending time with family and friends!


"The Friendly Octopus"

Memphis - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA Memphis is always busy, like she has 8 arms! She really loves working at KKD and loves to help show kids how to brush their teeth and loves to see them smile. Before becoming a friendly octopus and moving to Washington, she was born in the dry desert land of Idaho. Even though it might seem that this octopus would live under water all the time, Memphis really loves spoiling her furry cat. She also likes to plan adventures with her husband and two kiddos.


"Helpful Honey Bee"

Virginia - Staff at Pediatric Dentist in Bremerton, WA When you see Virginia, a dental assistant, flying fast around the office, you know she is on her way to be a helpful honey bee to one of our patients or our team members. Virginia always puts others first and she loves to care for everyone she meets! She is buzzing with excitement and passion for dental assisting and for spending time with our amazing patients. In her spare time, Virginia loves to hike, craft and fish. She loves to spend time with her husband, their beautiful daughter, and their two dogs.