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In Network vs Out of Network Insurance; What’s the Big Deal, and What’s the Difference?

May 10, 2016

In regards to your insurance, you have probably heard the terms “in-network” and “out-of-network” thrown around quite a bit. But what do these terms actually mean, and more importantly what do they mean for you? Our office is “in-network” with five insurance companies: Metropolitan Life (MetLife), United Concordia (and members of the United Concordia Alliance), Regence,…
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Mother’s Day

May 1, 2016

May is a beautiful month where we get to see the seasons change and the flowers bloom. It’s also a special month in regards to celebrating one very important person in all of our lives – our mother! At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, family is everything, and since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we want…
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Administrative Professionals Day!

April 27, 2016

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! We want to give a big “Thank you!” to our front office team at Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry for their hard work, tireless effort, and every day enthusiasm. At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and want to make sure we are going above and beyond to meet…
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Sealant Safety

April 19, 2016

Dental sealants protect the grooved and pitted areas of the teeth against tooth decay.  Sealants are thin plastic coatings that bond to the teeth to prevent plaque and bacteria from getting into areas that are difficult to brush.  Depending on an individual’s tooth anatomy, these crevices may be more or less difficult to clean.  In…
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Smiles for Kitsap Winner 2016 Quarter 1

April 7, 2016

Giving back to the Kitsap County community has always been a part of Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry’s mission. In October of 2015, we introduced our Smiles for Kitsap program, the main objectives of which were to raise both money and awareness for local non profit charitable organizations. For our very first period, our topic was “children.”…
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Why Does My Child Need XRays?

March 24, 2016

Xrays, also called radiographs, are a valuable diagnostic tool. Xrays help the dentist to: See how your child’s teeth are erupting (coming into the mouth) See the number, size and position of teeth that are still inside the gums Find out whether there are missing teeth or extra teeth Monitor mouth and teeth injuries Determine…
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Shark Attack!

March 10, 2016

There isn’t a week that goes by in our office that we don’t see at least a couple examples of patients experiencing an Ectopic Eruption. An Ectopic Eruption occurs when our adult teeth erupt before our baby teeth are exfoliated, creating “rows” of teeth, just like you might see on a shark! Mom’s call our…
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Fun things to Know about the Tooth Fairy

February 28, 2016

Today is Tooth Fairy Day! The Tooth Fairy has her own day two times a year (she’s so nice we celebrate her twice!) and there are some fun things you should know about her. 1. When a child looses their teeth, a golden bubble with that child’s name appears in the tooth fairy’s castle. She…
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