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4 Techniques to help your Little Teether Rest Easy

The journey of parenting is full of joy and cherished moments, but teething can bring its fair share of challenges, and having a “little teether” can be hard! This is especially true when it comes to getting your little one to sleep. Those aching gums can turn bedtime into a nightly struggle for both you […]

How to Use Wax for Braces

No pain, no gain. Surely, you’ve heard that phrase before. It implies that without a degree of pain (or maybe more accurately, discomfort) you won’t achieve worthwhile goals. It certainly applies to braces. After all, let’s be honest: the pressure that braces apply to teeth can be hard to get used to. But braces should […]

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths about Your Baby’s Dental Health

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths About Your Baby’s Dental Health When it comes to baby teeth and dental care, moms and dads often receive a ton of conflicting advice. Things like when to take your child to the dentist for the first time, or the reasons why baby teeth are important, or the benefits of […]

Dental Space Maintainers

What are dental space maintainers and why might my child need one? That’s a great question! Your child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) play an important role in their dental health. Not only do they save space for the permanent teeth, but they also help guide permanent teeth into position and encourage normal development of the […]

Teething Rings for Babies

Baby playing with toy

Teething Rings for Babies: Are they Safe? While your baby getting their first teeth might be an exciting moment of parenthood, the process can be very uncomfortable for your baby. Teething usually begins between the ages of four and seven months and can be a painful process. While a teething ring can help soothe your […]

6 Tips for Teenagers- Guidelines for Healthy Tooth Care

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Life is full of exciting experiences and challenges as a teenager, but one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked amid the hustle and bustle is oral hygiene. Maintaining a healthy and radiant smile is essential for self-confidence and plays a significant role in overall well-being. Good habits formed now can positively impact your future. This […]

8 Helpful Tips for a Teething Toddler

teething toddler

Helpful Tips for a Teething Toddler Between about 13 and 19 months, toddlers are set for their first set of molars to erupt. While some make it through the teething process relatively unscathed, others experience a range of symptoms that may include pain, irritability, sleeplessness, inflamed gums, drooling, rash and relentless chewing or gum rubbing. At two […]

Should Your Teen Still See a Pediatric Dentist?

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Should your teen still see a pediatric dentist?   A question we are often asked is, “Should my teen still see a pediatric dentist or switch to a dentist for adults?” If you’ve been taking your child to the dentist since an early age, they’ve probably already visited a pediatric dentist instead of a general […]

Healthy Snacks for When You’re “On the Go”

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Healthy Snacks for When You’re ‘On-the-Go’ We all know that brushing and flossing are important for dental health. But consuming a balanced diet rich in nutritious, low-sugar foods is also important. Sometimes life can get busy and families need to snack while away from home. Many snacks that aren’t good for your body are also […]

What is Teething?

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What is teething?   What does it mean when your baby is teething? Teething, or primary tooth eruption, is when teeth first come through a baby’s gums. It can be a frustrating time for babies and their parents. Knowing what to expect during teething and how to make it a little less painful can help. […]