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We all want our kids to stay active and healthy but it can be stressful to let our kids play sports with rough play. It’s a mom’s nightmare to imagine their child being subjected to tackles, body slams and falls without the proper protection. At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we understand the importance of protecting your child’s teeth and recommend getting a custom fit mouth guard.

What are mouth guards?

Mouth guards are commonly called mouth protectors or sports guards. They help protect the teeth, lips, tongue, jaw and face. Generally mouth guards are placed on the top row of teeth, however, they are also important to utilize when you have had dental and you may even get a mouth guard for your bottom row of teeth to protect braces there as well. Why not avoid the stress of your child encountering sports injuries? You can feel safer knowing your children’s teeth are being aided by a mouth guard.

Why a custom fitted mouth guard?
Here at Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we recognize that each child is unique and has a unique set of teeth. Custom fit mouth guards are the most comfortable of all types of mouth guards, and durable too! Custom fit means the mouth guard will be formed from an exact replica of your child’s teeth so it will be the most accurate fit for your child’s mouth.

Daily Care of your mouth guard

1.) Brush your teeth before and after every use of your mouth guard.
2.) Make sure to cleanse your mouth guard everyday with cool, soapy water.
3.) Get a sturdy case with vents to avoid bacteria growth on your mouth guard.


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