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Summertime is finally here! And that means no school and more fun for all of our kiddos, but also a lot more work for parents. Gone are the days of kissing our little ones goodbye at the bust stop and having a few hours to tackle our to do lists. During summer, the kids are always around and always underfoot! Cooking and cleaning duties seem to have doubled, and you now spend all your time driving the kids to swim practice and summer camp; the list goes on and on. We know you’re constantly taking care of your children during this time of year, and sometimes it might feel like you just can’t catch a break! To make life a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of a few dental tips to keep you and your children on track with your oral health. This summer we want to remind you to:

Avoid Sugary Foods and Eat Healthy Snacks

A kid’s daily routine is thrown out the window when summer rolls around. They don’t have to wake up for school and lots of parents let their kiddos stay up late. The change in routine also means a change in their daily meals. Unhealthy snacks and sugary foods often become a staple within their summer diet, which isn’t ideal. Sugary foods and drinks are one of the causes of cavities and decay. In order to avoid this, stock the pantry and fridge with healthy snacks. Oatmeal, nuts, fruits, and natural juices are just a few examples.

Keep Hydrated!

Staying hydrated  is very important. Make sure to bring a water bottle whenever your children are participating in any physical activity outside. Plus, water is a great alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks. If your kids can’t help but drink a can of soda, however, ask them to drink some water afterwards. It will help wash away the sugar in their mouths, which helps prevent cavities from forming.

Wear Mouth Guards

Children love going outside and playing with their friends. During recreational activities and sports, whether or not there is physical contact, it’s a good idea to wear a mouthguard. Mouthguards protect teeth from chipping, prevent  teeth from accidentally being  knocked out by a flailing elbow or a ball on the fly, and can also help prevent concussions. Accidents happen, so be careful when playing sports or engaging in physical activity.

Keep Brushing and Flossing

As mentioned earlier, kids are going to sleep in and stay up later than they usually do. Since their normal routine is off, they are less likely to brush their teeth twice a day. Keeping a daily brushing chart may help combat this problem, and don’t forget to floss!

Wear lip balm with SPF 15+

Let’s not forget about our kid’s lips. It’s important to use lip balm with SPF throughout the summer months because UV rays can also burn lips with long exposure. Lip balms with SPF have more wax than the traditional kind, and they adhere better, which means your kids don’t have to reapply as often. Girls should also avoid lip gloss. Lip gloss absorbs more sunlight, increasing your risk of burns. So whenever your family runs out of sun screen, make sure to buy some extra lip balm to ward off those UV rays. Keep it in your purse, your pocket, or your swim bag so you always have it handy for yourself and the kids!

Chang Out Toothbrushes

Kiddos should only be using their toothbrush for about three months at a time, and then it should be replaced. So once summer break rolls around, buy a new toothbrush for everyone in the family. Then, once school starts back up again, you’ll know everyone needs a new toothbrush. It’s a simple reminder that you can use for every season throughout the year.

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