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Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids this Holiday Season

With holidays around the corner and children ready to eat cake, pies, candy and all the wonderful sweet holiday treats, it is a good time to focus on kids’ oral health.

To help, we’ve complied 5 common oral health issues in children along with tips to treat them through regular dental hygiene habits.

1.Tooth Decay:
Cavities are small holes created from tooth decay. Plaque created from sugary food can cling to teeth and release acid that eats away the protective layer of tooth enamel.

Treatment: Build a regular dental hygiene schedule, meaning brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. Add Fluoride treatments and regular visits to the dentist.

2. Periodontal Disease:
Swollen, red, or infected gums are another effect of plaque left on teeth, between teeth and on gums. This can lead to bad breath and tooth sensitivity.

Treatment: Replace sugary drinks with water, schedule regular preventive care visits to your dentist, and build twice a day brushing and flossing habits.

3. Orthodontic Issues:
Children may develop orthodontic issues as they age. The most common causes are thumb sucking and using a pacifier for an extended time.

Treatment: Reduce time that children or toddlers are using a pacifier or sucking their thumb. Bandage your child’s thumb or cover the hand with a sock at night are two simple techniques to help change habits.

4. Dental Emergencies:
Some emergencies require immediate attention, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, sudden and severe tooth pain and cut or damaged gums.

Treatment: The first step is to call Dr. Banks to schedule an emergency visit. Our office has immediate contact information on our answering line if your call is outside or regular work hours. If possible, keep any broken teeth and use an ice pack where necessary for comfort.

5. Dental Care for Babies & Toddlers:
Good oral hygiene starts early. Before teeth erupt wash baby gums to remove bacteria. Then, as teeth begin to appear, continue to brush teeth with water twice a day. Toddlers can use a fluoride tooth paste and schedule the first dentist visit no later than the first birthday.

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