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We have almost made it to the end of January, and with that, the first month of the new year is almost over. Late in December, many of us resolved to make a change, to do something new and different in an effort to improve. At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we are always trying to reinforce the importance of oral hygiene, and part of good oral hygiene is daily flossing. Our office recommends that kiddos brush twice a day and floss once a day, preferably before bedtime. If you have found yourself at the end of January, wondering what happened to all the good things you resolved to do this year, don’t give up! It’s not too late to make another go at those resolutions, and it’s not too late to add one more to the list! Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry is challenging you to help your kiddos floss one time a day, and, on this, the 28th day of January, we want you to try your best flossing for 28 days!

28 Days is not a long time to commit to. After all, that’s fewer days than any month in 2016! We know that most processes within the human body happen in 28 days. For instance, it takes 28 days to replace the cells of a human being’s epidermis (that’s your skin!) completely. The lining of the stomach and intestine is also new at about 28 days, and experts tells us that it takes about 28 days to make a habit, and we think flossing is one of the best habits to form!

Some people like to say that it is easier to quit daily smoking than it is to start daily flossing, but we want to support you and your efforts and encourage you to make flossing one time a day the best habit you ever picked up! To help you succeed with your new “New Year’s” resolution, we want to send you to our website, where you can print a flossing calendar for your kiddos to use. Every day they floss, put a star or sticker on the spot. Once you get to 28, bring your kiddo by the office for a prize at our prize tower. They will feel awesome about succeeding, and you will feel awesome for knowing that you helped your kiddo develop a habit worth sticking to, and that one of your New Year’s resolutions has worked out after all!

For a free flossing chart, please visit our webpage at:

Happy Flossing, and Happy New Year!

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