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Lots of kiddos are gearing up for fall sports, and part of being a responsible athlete is wearing preventative, protective gear. Even in low contact sports, our mouths are prone to injury while playing. A fellow team mates flailing arm, or gritting our teeth as we get ready to strike the ball can all cause damage. At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we want every child to be protected from injury, especially injuries of the mouth!  The American Dental Association estimates that mouth guards prevent 200,000 dental injuries each year, and, because we want to prevent injury, our office offers free, custom mouth guards for all kiddos in Kitsap county, even those that are not currently patients! Custom athletic guards are not “one size fits all” but are truly made to fit each mouth precisely. A custom guard will have the ideal thickness in all important areas but will also be slimmed out in in the right spots to not interrupt breathing. In fact, we make mouth guards with several different levels of protections depending on which sport or activity the athlete participates in. Athletic Mouth guards are perfect for any sport.

Full Contact Sports: Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Wrestling

Limited Contact Sports: Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Motocross, Volleyball, Skiing At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, we want every child to be protected from injury.

It takes two visits for us to make the custom mouth guard for your child. The first visit will be for us to meet your kiddo and make an impression, or mold, of their teeth. The impression appointment takes about 20 minutes. After your family leaves their appointment, our assistants work to carefully create a custom mouth guard that is the appropriate thickness for your child’s sport and that is carefully crafted to fit their teeth exactly as they are. Because we take the impression, our mouth guards will fit your child better than a traditional boil and bite, and they will be more comfortable too! Once the mouth guard is fabricated, your kiddo will return for a brief 10 minute “fitting,” just so we can make sure all of the teeth are adequately protected. If you are interested in a free mouth guard, please call us to arrange an appointment for your child!

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