Kitsap Kid's Dentistry

Did you know that there are even more amazing ways to interact with our office through social media besides through this fantastic blog? We know… all of the information you could possibly ever want about our office is located right here on the blog or on our webpage (which is probably how you got to our blog to begin with). But, in addition, we also have fantastic posts on Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

We have had our Facebook page for several years, and you can find us on Facebook at: Facebook is a great way to find out about fun events happening at our office, and also giveaways, which we do every month. It is also the home to our “Smiles for Kitsap” program, which benefits local nonprofits.

On our Google+ page, we have a lot of pictures of our amazing team and of our patients. We also post albums of local events that our office has participated in, like the Halloween YMCA event, and also our Patient Appreciation Day, which we host at the Bremerton Fairgrounds every other year. Finally, Google+ is a wonderful forum for the many reviews our patients leave us, and it is a good tool to know how others who come to our office feel about the work we do. Our google plus page can be accessed at:

Finally, our office also has an exciting Instagram account! We started our Instagram account earlier this year, and so far it has been a huge hit! Instagram is updated a few times a week, and contains mostly pictures of our silly team and patients having a great time around the office. Every once in awhile, we do giveaways that are only posted on Instagram, or that you can only win by following us on our Instagram page, so check it out on Instagram under the name “Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry.”

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