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Both parents and dentists alike have been trying extra hard to make teeth-friendly decisions this year  and Santa is hopping on the same band wagon. He’s come up with some great ideas for healthy stocking stuffers that will add to the spirit of Christmas without taking a toll on your kiddos’ teeth! Here are just a few of Santa’s best teeth-friendly stocking stuffer ideas:

  • Tiny Toys: Instead of filling stockings with candy, Santa can use them to deliver the smaller items on his list. Little items like Matchbox cars and pocket sized princesses are what every kid is looking for and they’ll last a lot longer than candy!

  • Bathroom Accessories: Dental hygiene items come in so many fun colors and themes these days that they make perfect stocking stuffers. An electric toothbrush, along with matching floss and toothpaste are a great gift pack and they promote holiday dental health.

  • Something Sweet: The holidays just wouldn’t be complete without the occasional treat and Santa understands that. He’ll probably include your favorite chocolate orange along with the non-candy treats. Just be sure to brush when you’re finished with it! Santa will be sure to include some gum containing xylitol too, so you can improve your oral health as you snack on sweets.

  • Tooth Fairy Box: A special gift that Santa might include for those expecting a visit from his friend, the Tooth Fairy, is a Tooth Fairy box. This little jewelry box can be used to make the exchange of baby teeth for money easier and can ease the anxiety of losing teeth.

  • Messenger Stockings: Stocking stuffers can be a fun way for Santa to give kids hints about a larger gift they’ll be receiving from him. For instance, kids who are getting a new gaming console might find their stocking full of games and extra controllers. Kids who are getting dance classes might find leotards and dance slippers in their stocking. This kind of stocking builds anticipation and adds to the magic of Christmas, without extra sugar.

Santa is always looking for fun ways to help kids establish good brushing habits. He wants you help you to avoid cavities and have a brighter smile all year round. A teeth-friendly stocking is just what the dentist ordered and Santa’s sleigh will be loaded with them this year!





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