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Kitsap Kid’s Participates at the YMCA Halloween Party

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Our favorite spooky festival is right around the corner, and we want you to bring your little zombies and ghosts out for a night of amazing fun for the whole family! Every year before Halloween our office helps to host Kitsap’s most exciting Halloween Kid’s party! This year the Haselwood YMCA Halloween Festival¬†will be held […]

Tooth Fairy Day (Again!)

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We celebrate the Tooth Fairy twice a year, once in February, and then in August. Why, you ask? Because the Tooth Fairy is twice as nice! For this National Tooth Fairy day, we wanted to offer a suggestion for decorating those Tooth Fairy funds that she leaves beneath the pillow of the receiver. Everyone knows […]

Fun things to Know about the Tooth Fairy

Today is Tooth Fairy Day! The Tooth Fairy has her own day two times a year (she’s so nice we celebrate her twice!) and there are some fun things you should know about her. 1. When a child looses their teeth, a golden bubble with that child’s name appears in the tooth fairy’s castle. She […]

The Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry Tooth Fairy Program

February is here, and with it comes the best month of the year: Dental Health Month! At Kitsap Kid’s Dentistry, the Tooth Fairy and our Tooth Fairy Program help us to spread dental awareness among the families in our community. During Dental Health Month, we find that our Tooth Fairies, Twinkle, Dazzle, Sparkle, and Pearly, […]