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We celebrate the Tooth Fairy twice a year, once in February, and then in August. Why, you ask? Because the Tooth Fairy is twice as nice! For this National Tooth Fairy day, we wanted to offer a suggestion for decorating those Tooth Fairy funds that she leaves beneath the pillow of the receiver. Everyone knows that the Tooth Fairy needs some help sometimes, so gather your dollar bills and follow the suggestions below next time your kiddo looses a tooth!

You will need:

1. A paper bill (The Tooth Fairy will choose the amount!)

2. Elmer’s Glue Multi-purpse Spray Adhesive

3. Iridescent Glitter

4. A paper towel

5. A kiddo who lost their tooth!

Step One: Lay the (“Fairly” Crisp) bill on a piece of paper towel.

Step Two: Spray with the Elmer’s Adhesive.

Step Three: Sprinkle with iridescent glitter.

Step Four: Once the adhesive has adhered to the glitter and the bill has dried, flip the bill over and repeat on the other side.

Step Five: Once the bill has dried on the other side, help the Tooth Fairy slip the bill under the billow of the kiddo who lost their tooth!

Do you have any other suggestions or traditions that you or your family do to help the Tooth Fairy?

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